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猫族”ASMR”店 へようこそっ✨

◇猫小夜くろえ(Nekoyo Chloe)

配信タグ ◇ 猫小夜くろえ
ファンアートタグ ◇ ねこよのポージング
エゴサ用タグ ◇ 猫小夜くろえ

Youtube ◇ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk–7D107cvb6PKqAiAK5uQ
Twitter ◇ https://twitter.com/Nekoyo_Chloe
マシュマロ◇ https://marshmallow-qa.com/nekoyo_chloe
⚡Super chatについて


[translation Web site] ⚡ About Super chat
・ If you can’t respond to comments during distribution, it’s a cat leak, but I’ll definitely watch it.
・ Please do not overdo it with Super Chat. Thank you for your support.

⚡ Comments section rules
・ Please refrain from chatting between viewers.
・ If malicious comments continue, we may NG.
・ We deliver after safety confirmation and self-management. Don’t worry, I’d be happy if you could support me!
・ When collaborating, comments that make the other party uncomfortable are absolutely useless, even if they are material.
・ Since the waiting area is a place to wait, please prohibit talking more than necessary to prevent troubles.
・ Let’s follow the manners and make the delivery fun!
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